Cisco Career Certifications Tracking System Users Guide


  The Tracking System Users Guide PRovides you with a step-by-step guide on how to use the Tracking System. This valuable tool provides access to our certified candidates, students and exam takers.


  The Cisco Tracking System allows you to view your certifications, test history, recertification status, the date your certification certificate was mailed, access to the certification logos and subscribe to receive notifications from Cisco. Also, the Tracking System provides you with a validation tool that allows you to provide access to employers, educational institutions and other third parties you choose to view and validate the certifications you hold with Cisco.


  How do I log on?


  Existing or returning users, go to the login page at www.cisco.com/go/certifications/login


  ·Enter your Test ID or Cisco ID followed by your passWord and click on the Login button.


  If you are using the Tracking System for the very first time you will need to set up a password first for future access. Please click on the hyperlink under the Register for the First Time section to create your password.

  如果你是第一次使用思科追踪系统,您必须首先设立密码,以便将来访问使用。请点击新用户登录(Register for the First Time)的超级链接,以建立您的密码。

  ·Enter your Registration ID and Last Name exactly as it appears on the score report you received from the test center.


  ·Click on the Create Password button. The next page will ask you to create your password. Passwords are case sensitive and must contain a minimum of 4 English characters. After you typed your password, please click on the Create Password button.

  ·点击建立密码(Create Password)键。点击后显示的页面会请求您建立密码。密码区分大小写,至少包括四个英文字母。输入密码后,请点击建立密码(Create Password)键。

  ·You may create a Password Hint in case you forget your password in the future.

  ·您也可以建立密码提示Password Hint,以防遗忘密码。

·After you have created your password, login to the Tracking System. Enter your Test ID or Cisco ID and your password to log in.


  If you forgot your password, from the login page click on the Forgot Password link located below the Login and Need a Hint buttons.

  如果您忘记了密码,请在登录页面里的登录并需要提示键点击忘记密码链接(Forgot Password link)。

  ·Enter your email address and click the Submit button. If the address entered matches the database, your Login ID and your Password will be emailed to you.

  · 输入您的电子邮件地址,并点击提交键。如果输入的电子邮件地址与数据库里的相符合,系统会将您的登录ID与密码通过电子邮件给您。

  How do I update my personal contact information, change my password or sign up to receive notifications from Cisco?


  Go to the Personal Information section to update your contact information, change your password or subscribe to receive notifications from Cisco.

  在个人信息(Personal Information)区更新您的联系信息,改变密码或者登记接收思科的各种通告。

  To update your contact information:


  ·Type your current address, email address, company name, etc. and click on the Update/Verify button found at the bottom of the page.


  ·The system will not allow you to skip mandatory fields and will display an alert message to remind you to provide information on a mandatory field before processing your request to update your contact information.


  ·Candidates residing in countries who use double byte characters can provide their local information under the Localized Information section. The localized information (name and address) you provided can be used (if applicable) when we mail your certificate.

  ·使用双字节字符的国家的用户可以在本地化信息(Localized Information)区中输入本国文字的信息。如果可能,我们将在给您发放证书时使用您提供的本地化信息(名字与地址)。

  To change your password:


  ·From the Personal Information page click on Change Password

  ·在个人信息页面点击更改密码(Change Password)

  ·Once you have entered your password, click on the Change Password button.

  ·输入密码后,点击更改密码(Change Password)键

  To subscribe or unsubscribe to Cisco notifications:


  ·From the personal information page click on Opt In/Opt Out

  ·在个人信息页面,点击选择进入/选择退出(Opt In/Opt Out)

  ·Read the questions and click or answer Yes if your want to receive messages from Cisco. Click or answer No if you do not want to receive messages from Cisco.


  ·Select what format you would like to receive your email if you answered Yes to that question.


  ·Click on Update/Verify button.


  How do I review my test history or find out when my certificate was mailed?


  To review your test history or track an exam:


  ·Go to the Test History section

  ·到考试记录(Test History)区域

  ·Exams are recorded from the most recent exam taken to the oldest exam on record.


  ·Related certification(s) are listed if the exam is a requirement for a particular certification at the time when the exam was taken.


  ·Cisco Career Certification and Specialist exams are listed separately from Cisco Sales and Technical Expert exams

  ·思科职业认证与专家(Specialist)考试在系统中是和思科销售与技术专家考试(Cisco Sales and Technical Expert exams)分开列出的。

  ·The Tracking System does not display any CCIE written exam or lab information. For more information please go to www.cisco.com/go/ccie.


  To find out when your certificate was mailed:


  ·From the Test History page click on Certificate Status

  ·在考试记录(Test History)页面点击认证状态(Certificate Status)

  ·The Certificate Status page displays which certificate was mailed, when the certificate was mailed and if the certificate was returned by the postal service. If you did not receive your certificate and it has been more than 8 weeks from the date the certificate was mailed please use the Certifications Online Support tool at www.cisco.com/go/certsupport, to submit an online request.

  ·认证状态页面显示了哪些证书已经寄出,何时寄出,哪些被退回。如果您在证书寄出后八个星期还没有收到,请使www.cisco.com/go/certsupport 认证在线支持工具,提交在线请求。

  Be sure to verify your personal information including your address in the Tracking System by clicking on “Personal Information” to avoid further delays.


  How do I check my certification progress or when my certification(s) will expire?


  ·Go to the Certification Progress section.

  ·访问认证程序(Certification Progress)区域

  ·Click on the particular certification group you wish to review (i.e. Cisco Career Certification)


  ·Color coded boxes appear on each track to denote the current certification’s track status.


  Each certification you have earned displays the valid through date. If the certification is no longer active or has been decertified a box with an X mark will be displayed to denote that this certification has been decertified. The gray boxes with the arrow on the right- hand side of the certification track displays a table of exam requirements needed to complete the certification or to recertify this certification. If the gray box with the arrow is not displayed on the certification track you earned, the recertification requirement for this track is currently not available or no longer available.


  How do I allow my employer or third party to verify my current certification(s)?


  ·Go to the Validation and Logos section.

  ·访问确认与标识(Validation and Logos)区域

  ·Click on Certification Validation

  ·点击认证确认(Certification Validation)

  ·A validation ID is automatically displayed and ready to be sent.


  ·The email notification can be sent to 5 different individuals at the same time by typing the recipient’s email addresses in each box.


  ·To set the expiration date to less or more than 30 days, please type the expiration date desired on the Expires On box and click on the Update button.

  ·如果您想将有效日期设置为少于或者多余30天,请在过期日期(Expires On)处输入您希望的过期日期,并点击更新(Update)键。

  ·To make the current validation id inactive and prevent assigned third parties from viewing your current certifications click on the Disabled ID button.

  ·如果您希望取消当前有效的ID,防止您授权的第三方查看您当前的认证,请点击ID失效(Disabled ID)键。

  How can I get my Cisco logos?


  ·Go to the Validation and Logos section.

  ·访问确认与标识(Validation and Logos)区域

  ·Click on Certification Logos

  ·点击认证标识(Certification Logos)

  ·Read or download the Cisco Certification Agreement and click on the Yes, I Agree button to accept the terms and conditions of the Cisco Certification agreement.

  ·阅读或者下载思科认证协议,并点击是,我同意(Yes, I Agree )键,以表示接受思科认证协议的条款。

  ·Verify the email address we have for you and click on the Send Logos button.

  ·确认系统中您的电子邮件,并点击发送标识(Send Logos)键。

  ·If the email address we have is behind a firewall system please use an alternate email address to ensure that you will receive your certification logos


  ·You will be sent one email per certification complete with instructions on how to use our logo for each certification you have earned.


  How do I sign the Cisco Career Certifications Agreement online?


  - Go to the Certification Agreement section.

  - 访问认证协议(Certification Agreement)区域

  - Read or download the Cisco Certification Agreement and click on the Continue button.

  - 阅读或者下载思科认证协议并点击继续(Continue)键。

  - Confirm that you are 18 years old or older and click on the I am 18 years old button. If you are below 18 years, please follow the instructions listed on the page and fax your agreement signed by your legal guardian or parent to 408.525.5105

  - 请确认你已经年满18周岁,并点击我已年满18周岁(I am 18 years old)键。如果你未满18岁,请按照本页的指导,将您的协议交由您的监护人或者父母签字,并传真到408.525.5105。

  - Click on the I Agree button.

  - 点击我同意(I Agree)键。

  - If you have already signed the latest version of the Certification Agreement the system will display this notice and will not require you to sign this again.

  - 如果您已经签署了最新的认证协议,系统会显示提示,不会要求您重新签署。

  How do I combine two Tracking System records?


  If you received two different Candidate ID numbers or Cisco ID numbers from the Test Delivery Partners, Prometric and/or Pearson VUE you must have these records combined. Submit an online support request by visiting the Certifications Online Support tool at www.cisco.com/go/certsupport.

  如果您从思科考试合作伙伴,Prometric与/或Pearson VUE收到了两个不同的用户ID或者思科ID,您必须将这些数据合并到一起。请访问认证在线支持工www.cisco.com/go/certsupport 提交在线支持请求。

  Please allow up to 10 business days for your exam files to be combined.


  How do I order a duplicate score report?


  Candidates may order a duplicate examination score report through the Test Delivery Partners Pearson VUE or Prometric. (A fee may apply)

  用户可以通过思科考试合作伙伴Prometric和/或Pearson VUE定购成绩单副本(需支付一定费用)。

   How do I report if my exam information is not listed on the Tracking System?


  If your exam information was not updated 10 business days after the date of your exam, please fax a copy of your concern and score report to 408-525-5105, attention Database Administrator.

  如果您的考试信息在考试后十个工作日还没有更新在网站上,请将您的问题与考试成绩单发传真至408-525-5105,收件人为数据库管理员(Database Administrator)。

  Please allow up to 10 business days for your examination score to be updated to the Tracking System.

  将您的考试成绩上载到追逐系统(Tracking System)需要10个工作日。

  If you still require further assistance on how to use the Tracking System or have other certification questions please use the Certifications Online Support tool at www.cisco.com./go/certsupport.