Exchange Server 5.5升级至Exchange Server 2003问题集(4)

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Is any new function in the Exchange 2003 to avoid the SPAM


Exchange PRovide a new feature to filter the SPAM.
Please reference Exchange new feature CHAP 6.;displaylang=zh-tw






Exchange Server 2003 没有IM, 现在的IM 使用者怎么升级


如果你是要做Exchange 2000 Server的本机升级至Exchange Server 2003,那么您必须先将Exchange 2000 Server IM移除


请问怎么配置把Relay关掉,我的Exchange 2000 Server常有大量的非网域使用者在发信,请帮忙


1. In Exchange System Manager, click the virtual server that you want to configure.
2. On the Action menu, click Properties.
3. Click the access tab, and then click Relay.
4. In the Relay Restrictions dialog box, either click Only the list below to restrict relaying mail through this virtual server to the listed computers, or click All except the list below to prevent the listed computers from relaying mail through this
virtual server.
5. Click Add.
6. In the Computer dialog box, you can specify computers by one of the following criteria
- ip Address
- Range of IP Addresses
- Domain
7. Click OK to add the restriction and return to the Connection dialog box.
8. To add more restrictions, repeat the preceding steps.
9. Click to select the "Allow all computers which successfully authenticate to relay" check box, regardless of the list that you selected in step 4, to allow all authenticated clients to relay.
10. Click OK, and then click OK





Actually it is an Outlook question, because the rules were configured in Outlook. Am I right? Therefore, I suggest you post this question to the Business application Desktop newsgroup.
At the same time, I would suggest you try these things:
1. In the Control Panel->Regional and Language Option->Regional Options, select Chinese (Taiwan) from the Standards and formats section. This setting affects how Outlook formats numbers and so on.
2. Delete this rule and create a new one because the old rule may be corrupted.
Regarding defending you from the SPAM, you can also
- Block certain senders
- Inform your mail server administrator to block certain domains
In addition, Outlook 2003 provides better feature to filter junk emails