MDaemon Server邮件列表功能的中文对译

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List Addresses

Specify a name for the mailing list and then choose the domain to which the list will belong form the drop-down list box. Messages directed to this list will use the name and domain specified here (e.g. [email protected]). List names cannot contain "!" or "|".
給郵件列表指定一個名字,然后從下拉列表中選擇一個域。通過這個名稱和域(如:[email protected])發送信息。郵件列表名稱不能包含"!" 或 "|"

List "reply-to:" address

Type the email address to which you want replies to this list to be directed. Enter the list address if you want replies to be directed back to it. You may enter an address other than the list name, or choose an address from the drop-down list if you want replies to this list to be directed to an alternate address. If you leave this field blank then replies to any list message will be directed back to the sender of that message.

List PRoperties

This list is private (non members can not post)

When this control is enabled, the list will only propagate messages from list members. Messages originating from non-members will be deleted.

This list is hidden from the global address book(s)

Click this option to hide the mailing list from the WorldClient and LDAP public address books.

This list responds to EXPN and LIST requests
郵件列表回應 EXPN 和 LIST 請求

If this option is selected the membership of the list will be reported in response to an EXPN or LISTS command during a mail session. Otherwise, the list membership will be kept private.

Messages have list name in subject

This setting causes MDaemon to enclose the name of the list in brackets (e.g. [ListName]) and add it to the beginning of the Subject: in all messages sent to the list.
把郵件列表名稱前后加上“[]"并顯示在主旨的前面 如:[Everyone] 正豪廠郵箱地址更新

Messages have thread numbers in subject (ie%26#61791;Subject text {5} )
信息主題中有投遞數字,數字前后加上“{}”。如:郵箱地址更新 {01}

Include "[listname] list member" in TO: field
在 TO:字段包含 "[listname] list member"

When this feature is enabled, "[Listname] List Member" will be displayed in the "real name" portion of the message TO: field.
使用本項,"[listname] list member"將顯示在信息的TO: 字段的 real name 中

Not all email clients support the displaying of "real names" in the TO: field of messages. In such clients only the actual email address designated in the "Replace TO: Field With? feature will appear.

This control places an upper limit on the size of a message accepted for this mailing list. Messages larger than this limit are sent to the bad message directory.

Don'tdistribute messages larger than xx bytes
不分發超過 XX 字節的信息