Directions:There are 30 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A), B), C), D). Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentences.

  1.This kind of shoes ____.

  A.is sold well B.sells well

  C.has sold out D.sells out

  2. Potatoes, which are ____, are my favorites.

  A.a vegetable B.the vegetable

  C.vegetables D.the vegetables?

  3. Many a student and teacher ____making a careful

  study of ____own PRoblems.

  A.are…their B.is …their

  C.are…is D.is…his

  4. The guest of honor, along with his wife and two daughters, ____at the first table.

  A.was seating B.was seated

  C.were seated D.seated

  5. There are a lot of people ____study English.

  A. whom B.they

  C.× D.whose

  6. Neither of the young men who had applied for a position in the university ____.

  A.has been accepted B.was accepted

  C.have been accepted D.were accepted

  7. As early as 1647 Ohio made a decision that free tax?upported schools

  must be established in every town ____50 households or more.

  A.to have B.having

  C.to have had D.having had

  8. People appreciate ____with him because he has a

  good sense of humor.

  A.working B.to have worked

  C.to work D.having work

  9. Although he knew little about the large amount of work done in the field, he succeeded ____other more wellinformed experimenters failed.

  A.which B.where

  C.what D.that

  10.If tap water were as dangerous as some people think, ____would be getting sick.

  A.a lot of more us B.more a lot of us

  C.a lot more of us D.a lot of us more?

  11.When I try to understand ____that prevents so many Americans from being as happy as one might expect, it seems to me that there are two causes.

  A.why it does B.why it is

  C.what it does D.what it is

  12.____allowed to graze on the village meadow.

  A.The cattle was B.The cattles were

  C.A cattle was D.The cattle were

  13.My ____have been saving up for five years and they hoped to be able

  to buy a color TV set.

  A.brothers in law B.brotherin laws

  C.brothers in laws D.brotherin law

  14.____broke down again, but luckily they knew how

  to fix it.

  A.Cliff's and Al's car B.Cliff and Al's cars

  C.Cliff's and Al's cars D.Cliff and Al's car?

  15.To the finalists, ____, the last high jump was the most exciting as

  well as the most difficult.

  A.Bob and I B.Bob and me

  C.I and Bob D.me and Bob

  16.____we move the picture over there? Do you think

  it'll look better?

  A.What if B.How if C.Why if D.Who if

  17.I wanted some more coffee but there was ____left.

  A.no B.nothingC.none D.neither?

  18.During the two years of my absence, they went to see my mother almost


  A.each month B.every month

  C.every months D.all months

  19.Flight Nineteen from New York is now arriving at ____.

  A.the two gate B.gate two

  C.the gate two D.second gate

  20.My dental appointment is on Friday, ____.

  A.fifth October B.five October

  C.the fifth of October D.the five of October?
  21.____of the machines on display were new items of


  A.Secondfive B.Twofifths

  C.Twofives D.Twofifth?

  22.It is prohibited by law to mail any merchandise that prove ____in transport.

  A.dangerous B.dangerously

  C.in danger D.with danger

  23.The nectarine is a fruit ____like a peach.

  A.too B.very C.so D.much

  24.Harry seldom pays his bill on time, and his brother does ____.

  A.too B.as well C.either D.also

  25.Every attention must

  be paid to him ____he feel that he is inferior to my other guests.

  A.unless B.because C.so that D.lest

  26.____relatively costly, the diesel engine is highly efficient and needs servicing infrequently.

  A.Even B.Even though

  C.As if D.Since

  27.I prefer to read ____idle.

  A.to sit B.to sitting

  C.than to sit D.rather than sit

  28.Let us have something iced to drink, ____?

  A.will we B.shall we

  C.do we D.don't we

  29.The time was not far off when he ____this decision.

  A.has regretted B.had regretted

  C.will regret D.would regret

  30.I ____that we would be able to leave tomorrow, but it's beginning to look difficult.

  A.hoped B.was hoping

  C.had hoped D.am hoping

  1. 答案B。

  【参考译文】 这种鞋好卖。

  【试题分析】 本题是语法结构题,考查陈述句结构。

  【详细解答】 有些动词如sell, wash, write等,常用主动形式表示被动含义,并常有well, wonderfully等副词修饰。

  2. 答案A。

  【参考译文】 土豆是我最喜爱的一种蔬菜。

  【试题分析】 本题是语法题,考查主语与数的关系。

  【详细解答】 在一般情况下,主语与其表语的数应是一致的。但有时主语和表语的数不



  3. 答案D。

  【参考译文】 许多老师和学生对自己的问题正做仔细研究。

  【试题分析】 本题是语法题,考查主语与数的关系。

  【详细解答】 “many a+名词”作主语时,谓语动词用单数形式。many a是一常见的书面修饰语,many a比many语气更强烈。除了many a之外,“more than one+名词单数”谓语动词也用单数。如:More than one student is aware of the fact。

  4. 答案B。

  【参考译文】 客人中的贵宾与他的妻子及两个女儿就坐在第一张桌子旁。

  【试题分析】 本题是语法题,考查主语与数的关系。

  【详细解答】 seat一词常用被动形式表示主动语态。故只能选be seated形式。在主语后面附有as well as, together with, along with, like, unlike, besides, but, in addition to, including, rather than, more than等引导的短语时,谓语动词依主语的数而定。当主语是单数时,谓语用单数形式,不应受附加成份的影响。

  5. 答案C。

  【参考译文】 有许多人学英语。

  【试题分析】 本题是语法题,考查从句引导词。

  【详细解答】 本题可理解为There are a lot of people who study

  English。在there be和it is开头的句子之后,关系代词who常被省略。

  6. 答案B。

  【参考译文】 两个申请在大学就职的年青人都被拒绝了。

  【试题分析】 本题是语法题,考查主语与数的关系及时态。

  【详细解答】 代词neither用于表达否定意义,表示“两者中任何一个(都没有…)”,它作主语时谓语动词用单数形式。

  7. 答案B。

  【参考译文】 早在1647年,俄亥俄州就决定,每个有50户以上家庭


  【试题分析】 本题是搭配辨析题,考查动词appreciate后的结构。

  【详细解答】 having与50 households or more构成分词短语作定语

  修饰every town。

  8. 答案A。

  【参考译文】 人们愿意与他共事,因为他有很好的幽默感。

  【试题分析】 本题是语法题,考查从句引导词。

  【详细解答】 appreciate后接动名词作宾语,不接动词不定式。再


  事实,故不用完成式having worked。英语中只能接动名词作宾语而不接不定式作宾语的动

  词或短语还有:admit, avoid, cannot help, consider, delay, deny, mind, enjoy, escape, excuse, fancy, favour, finish, give up, keep (on), miss, postpone, put off, practise, resent, resist, risk, suggest等。

  9. 答案B。

  【参考译文】 虽然他对这一领域所做的大量工作了解不多,但他却


  【试题分析】 本题是语法题,考查从句引导词。

  【详细解答】 where在此为连接副词,引导地点状语从句。


  【参考译文】 如果自来水像有些人想象的那样有毒,那么我们中许


  【试题分析】 本题是结构题,考查比较级排列顺序。

  【详细解答】 more是many的比较级,可以用一个表示程度的状语来修饰,可用a lot修饰more。当more代替或修饰可数名词复数时,more前面可用a few, many或数字来修饰,如a few more books / many more teachers / two more pens。如more后接的是不可数名词,副词或形容词时,more前面可用much, rather, a little, a great deal等来修饰。而lot在上述两种情况下都可用,类似的词还有far, some, any等。如a lot more students, a lot more work。

  【参考译文】 当我试图弄清楚是什么使得这么多美国人不像人们所


  【试题分析】 本题是语法结构题,考查从句引导词及结构。

  【详细解答】 此句是由连接代词what引出的宾语从句,it是形式主



  【参考译文】 牛群被允许在村里草地上放牧。

  【试题分析】 本题是语法题,考查主语与数的关系。

  【详细解答】 cattle为一集体名词,总是用作复数意义。类似的名

  词还有people, police等。如果要表达单数概念,一般须用别的词,如:a cow, a person, a policeman。


  【参考译文】 我的妹夫们攒了五年钱,希望能买一台彩电。

  【试题分析】 本题是语法题,考查合成词复数形式。

  【详细解答】 合成名词构成复数时,通常是将其中的主体名词变成

  复数,如:looker(s)on, runner(s)up, son(s)inlaw, editor(s)inchief等。如果没有主体名词,

  则在最后一个词上加复数词尾,如gobetween(s), drawback(s), radiophonograph(s)

  等。由man或woman构成的合成名词的复数形式是将里面所含的各部分全变复数,如women doctors。由动词的ing形式和副词构成的复合名词复数是在ing形式后加s,如going(s)on。


  【参考译文】 克里夫和艾尔的车熄火了,但幸好他们都知道如何修好它。

  【试题分析】 本题是语法题,考查所有格形式。

  【详细解答】 当某物为两者共有时,只要在第二个人后面加所有格。但若分属各人,则

  需分别加所有格符号。如:Wang's and Li's bikes are both missing.王和李的自行车都不见了。


  【参考译文】 作为决赛选手,鲍勃和我的最后的跳高比赛是最令人兴奋也是难度最大的。

  【试题分析】 本题是语法题,考查并列人称排列顺序和人称代词的格。

  【详细解答】 在并列的人称中,第一人称一般总是放在最后,而且,作宾语(包括介词宾

  语)时,要用人称代词的宾格形式。在本题中,Bob and me是介词to的宾语,作finalists同位语。


  【参考译文】 要是我们把照片挂到那边怎么样?你认为是不是看起来


  【试题分析】 本题是结构题,考查引导建议的结构。

  【详细解答】 what if…?用来引导一次建议,意为“(要是)…怎么



  【参考译文】 我还想要一点咖啡,但已经没有了。

  【试题分析】 本题是语法题,考查否定代词的用法。

  【详细解答】 no只能用作限定词,不能作代词单独使用,neither虽

  可作代词,但意思与本题不符。nothing的意思相当于not anything。none作代词,可指(某物)一点也没有。试比较:There's nothing in the jar.罐子里什么也没有。Would you try to get some salt? There is none in the jar.你去弄点盐好吗?罐子里一点也没有了。


  【参考译文】 我不在的两年里,他们几乎每月去看我妈一次。

  【试题分析】 本题是词义辨析题,考查不同修饰词的含义。

  【详细解答】 each和every都可表示“每一个”,但every说明总体

  情况,意义相当于all,后面需接单数名词;each则强调个别概念。当有almost, nearly,或without exception之类的词语修饰时,一般是强调总体概念,故需用every。另外every指三者或更多的数量,each可指两者或更多。


  【参考译文】 从纽约来的19号航班抵达2号门。

  【试题分析】 本题是语法题,考查数词的用法。

  【详细解答】 在读有编号的东西时,可以用其数词或序数词来表示顺序,但要注意它们

  与名词的前后位置。序数词前需加“the”,而用基数词表达时,则不用冠词。例如the second gate或gate two。


  【参考译文】 我看牙病的预约定在星期五,10月5日。

  【试题分析】 本题是语法题,考查日期表达方式。

  【详细解答】 “10月5日”用英语可以有下面几种表达方式:the fifth of October, October the fifth。

  【参考译文】 展示会上五分之二的机器是品种不同的新型号。

  【试题分析】 本题是语法题,考查分数的表达方式。

  【详细解答】 分数的表达方式为:分子用基数词表示,分母用序数词。当分子是“2”以上的,序数词要用复数形式。


  【参考译文】 法律规定禁止邮寄任何运输过程中易发生危险的商品。

  【试题分析】 本题是语法题,实际上是考查系动词。

  【详细解答】 prove是常用的系动词之一,其表语常为形容词。其它

  常用的系动词还有become, get, grow, turn, stay, feel, look, seem, smell, taste, appear等。


  【参考译文】 油桃是一种很像桃子的水果。

  【试题分析】 本题是语法题,考查修饰词的用法。

  【详细解答】 much可修饰介词短语,其它都不行。


  【参考译文】 哈里很少及时付账,他兄弟也如此。

  【试题分析】 本题是结构题,考查否定结构用词。

  【详细解答】 either表示“也”,一般用于否定结构中,且接在否

  定句及含有诸如hardly, seldom, never等否定词的句子之后,而在肯定句后则用too来表示此意。


  【参考译文】 必须得对他多加关照,以免让他感到比别的客人低一等。

  【试题分析】 本题是词义辨析题,要依据句意选择答案。

  【详细解答】 so that可引导目的状语从句,一般从句中的动词前要加上should, may或might等情态动词。lest意为“以免,免得”,在lest引导的从句中,动词要用“should+动词原形”,should可以省略。


  【参考译文】 尽管比较贵些,但柴油机车效率高而且很少需要维修。

  【试题分析】 本题是近义词辨析题,考查引导从句的连词。

  【详细解答】 even是副词,可修饰动词或强调句中某一部分,但不

  能作连词引导从句。even if / even though为连词,引导让步状语从句。本题中“Even though”引导的是一个不完整的句子,其中省略了“it(指the diesel engine) is”。as if后面也可引出一个省略句,但用在此处不合句意。省略的前提是从句的主语和主句一致,再者从句中有系动词be的形式,就可以将从句中的主语和系动词be一同省掉。时间、地点、方式、让步、条件状语从句中常用省略形式。


  【参考译文】 我宁可读书也不愿意闲坐着。

  【试题分析】 本题是结构题,考查固定结构。

  【详细解答】 “prefer to do…rather than do…”结构表示“宁愿…而不愿…”。类

  似的结构还有:would rather do…than do, would sooner do…than do, would (just) a

  s soon do…as do等。


  【参考译文】 让我们喝点冰的东西,怎么样?

  【试题分析】 本题是结构题,考查反意疑问句结构。

  【详细解答】 以let's或let us引起的祈使句,其疑问尾句为“shall we?”,而以let me或let us(不包括听话者)引起的祈使句,疑问尾句为“will you?”。如:Before we commence again, let me give you a Word or two of advice, will you?


  【参考译文】 他不久就会后悔作这一决定。

  【试题分析】 本题是语法题,考查从句的用法。

  【详细解答】 这里when引导的不是状语从句,而是定语从句,修饰“the time”。


  【参考译文】 我曾希望我们明天能离开,但看起来有些困难了。

  【试题分析】 本题是语法题,考查时态。

  【详细解答】 hope, think, expect, intend, mean(打算), want,