Features of the Catalyst 3550 Ethernet Switch


  a. Layer 3 / ip Unicast Routing
  i. RIP
  ii. IGRP / EIGRP
  iii. OSPF
  iv. BGP
  v. HSRP
  vi. Distance Vector Multicast Routing PRotocol (DVMRP) tunneling
  vii. Multicast Routing
  1. PIM
  2. IGMP
  3. MVR Multicast VLAN Registration Protocol
  b. Security
  i. Gaining access
  1. Multilevel security on console access (prevents unauth users
  from altering switch config)
  2. Securing Telnet Access to the Switch
  ii. SSH
  iii. 802.1x Authentication
  v. Router ACL’s
  vi. VLAN-Maps
  vii. When to Use Access-Lists and VLAN-Maps
  viii. Port-Based Security
  1. Port-Based ACLs (PACLs)
  2. Port-Based Traffic Control
  a. Storm Control
  b. Proteced Ports (Similar to Private VLAN)
  c. Port Blocking
  d. Port Security
  c. Quality of Service (QoS)
  i. Advanced QoS
  ii. Automatic QoS (Auto QoS)
  iii. Rate-limiting
  iv. Using Class-Maps
  v. Policy Maps
  vi. Classify, Police, and Mark Using Policy Maps.
  vii. Classify, Police, and Mark Traffic Using Aggregate Policers
  d. Layer 2 VLANS / Spanning Tree Protocol (STP): IEEE 802.1D
  i. VTP
  ii. Voice VLAN
  iii. Standard-Range VLAN Configuration
  iv. Configuring Extended VLANs
  v. Spanning-tree root guard (STRG)
  vi. Loopguard
  vii. Uplinkfast
  viii. Backbone Fast Configuration
  ix. Portfast
  x. CrossStack UplinkFast (CSUF)
  xi. Per VLAN Spanning Tree Plus (PVST+)
  xii. ISL
  xiii. 802.1q
  xiv. RSTP - IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)
  xv. MST – IEEE 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree
  xvi. Fallback Bridging
  xvii. UniDirectional Link Detection (UDLD) and Aggressive UDLD
  e. EtherChannel
  f. Misc
  i. Switch Optimization
  ii. WCCP
  iii. SNMP
  iv. SPAN and RSPAN
  v. Multi-VRF CE (Virtual Routing Forwarding Customer Edge, also called
  vi. DHCP Option 82 Subscriber Identification
  vii. Service Provider-Oriented Functions
  1. Layer 2 Protocol Tunneling
  viii. Clustering
  g. Links
  3. Appendix A – Command Reference3550 SSH
  Switch(config)# crypto key generate rsa 启用SSH
  Switch(config)# username bob passWord dsb
  Switch(config)# line vty 0 4
  Switch(config)# login local
  Switch(config)# transport input ssh 只使用SSH