Cisco Command Line 快捷键


  Command Description
  Ctrl + P PRevious Command
  Ctrl + U Clear Line and Put in Buffer
  Ctrl + W Delete Word Backwards and Put in Buffer
  Ctrl + Y Paste Buffer Contents
  Ctrl + E End Line
  Ctrl + A Beginning Line
  Ctrl + X Clear Line to the Left and Put in Buffer
  Ctrl + T Flip Last 2 Characters
  Ctrl + F Forward Character
  Ctrl + B Backward Character
  Ctrl + J Return
  Ctrl + L Refresh Line
  Ctrl + I Refresh Line and Goto End
  Ctrl + K Delete everything on the Right of cursor
  Ctrl + V Allows to type control character
  Ctrl + M Return
  Ctrl + H Backspace Character to the Left
  Ctrl + R Refresh Line
  Ctrl + D Delete Character to the Right
  Ctrl + C Clear line
  Ctrl + N Next Command