PRoblem solving Model
  Define the problem
  Gather the facts
  Consider the possibilities
  Create an action plane
  Implement the action plan
  Observe the result
  Repeat the problem solving process
  Resolve the problem
  show buffers:
  hits: sUCcesful attempts to allocate a buffer
  misses: allocation attempts the results in alloacting new buffer (must be low)
  trims: buffer released becouse not used
  show controller cxbus:
  shows the allocation of the buffers at router startup
  show controller [interface]: display memory management and error countersfor interfaces
  internal controller counts
  show memory [free]:
  IO memory free: should be great
  show processes: to find process that require a lot of cpu
  runtime: cpu time the process has used
  invoked: number of time the process has been invoked
  usecs: cpu time for each process invocation
  show process memory: to find the memory allocated from each process
  show stacks: snapshot of the stacks
  (confg)# exception dump: force creation af a core dump when the next crash occurs
  show ip access-list
  show ip arp
  show ip interface [brief]
  show ip ospf database
  show ip ospf interface
  show ip protocols
  show ip route [summary]
  show ip traffic <---------------
  debug ip eigrp
  debug ip icmp
  debug ip ospf events
  debug ip packet
  debug ip rip
  debug arp
  ping ipx
  show ipx eigrp topology
  show ipx interface
  show ipx nlsp database
  show ipx route
  show ipx servers
  show ipx traffic
  debug ipx ipxwan (ipx on wan interface)
  debug ipx packet
  debug ipx routing
  debug ipx sap
  SAP: Service Advertising Protocol to broadcast and discover network services
  NCP: Network Core Protocol connection oriented protocl alternative to spx (layer 5,6)
  show appletalk acsess-list
  show appletalk adjacent-routes (network directly connected)
  show appletalk arp
  show appletalk global (appletalk router information)
  show appletalk interface
  show appletalk name-cache
  show appletalk route
  show appletalk traffic
  show appletalk nbp
  show appletalk zone
  debug apple arp
  debug apple errors
  debug apple events
  debug apple nbp
  debug apple packet
  debug apple routing (RTMP output)
  debug apple zip
  NBP: Name Binding Protocol (layer 4)
  RTMP: Routing Table Maintenance Protocol (layer 4)
  ZIP: Zone Information Protocol (layer 5)
  DDP: Datagram Delivery Protocol (layer 3)
  ATP: AppleTalk Transfer Protocol (layer 4)
  AEP: AppleTalk Echo Protocol (layer 4)
  ADSP: AppleTalk Data Stream Protcol (layer 5)
  show system
  show test
  show interface
  show log
  show mac
  show module
  show port
  show config
  show span
  show trunk
  show spantree [vlan][statistics]
  show vtp domain
  show vlan
  debug vlan packet
  debug span
  SPAN: mirror flow data from a port to another to the designated span port
  VTP: Vlan Trunking Protocol, layer 2 multicast messaging protocol that allows vlan classification
  show frame-relay lmi: lmi statistics
  show frame-relay map: check dlci to layer 3 map and info about connections
  show frame-relay pvc: lmi status of each dlci
  debug serial interface
  debug frame-relay lmi
  debug frame-relay events
  debug frame-relay packet
  LMI: Local Management Interface (Cisco, Ansi, ITU q933a)
  FECN: Forward EXPlicit Congestion Notification
  BECN: Backward Explicit Congestion Notification
  DE: Discard Eligibility
  show interface bri
  show controllers bri
  show isdn status
  show dialer
  show ppp multilink
  debug bri
  debug isdn q921
  debug isdn q321
  debug ppp authentication
  debug ppp negotiation
  debug dialer