Google Chrome Beta


Google Chrome(谷歌浏览器)是由Google开发的一款可让您更快速、轻松且安全地使用网络的浏览器,它的设计超级简洁,使用起来更加方便.
Google Chrome的特点是简洁、快速.Google Chrome支持多标签浏览,每个标签页面都在独立的“沙箱”内运行,在提高安全性的同时,一个标签页面的崩溃也不会导致其他标签页面被关闭.此 外,Google Chrome基于更强大的javaScript V8引擎,这是当前Web浏览器所无法实现的.

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  • [r14056] Update WebKit 530.7 (r42671)
  • [r14185] Update V8 to version This version contains the fix for a (Issue: 10726)
  • [r13641] Update to version 26 of open-vcdiff (underpinnings for SDCH decoder)
Visible Changes:
    • [r13934On some sites text disappears or is never drawn. For example, on Google Calendar, the titles for all day events do not display. (Issue: 9904)
  • [r13662] Added undo tab closing item to Tab menu.
  • [r13685] Fixes a bug where scrolling up would draw over the horizontal
  • [r13805] Fix issue: If SpellChecker is disabled through UI, then right-click context menu's spell checker language option should be unchecked. (Issue: 7239)
  • [r13807] Allow users to hit ctrl-shift-delete ("clear browsing data") even in fullscreen mode. (Issue: 9318)
  • [r13822] Fix a painting PRoblem observed with windowless Flash plugins, when they are initially created with a zero clip (Issue: 10536)
  • [r13926] On uninstall ask whether to delete profile. (Issue: 8431)
  • [r13954] Disable the move/size/maximize entries on the system menu in fullscreen mode. (Issue: 8024)
  • [r14116] Add open/close animations to infobar, download shelf.
  • [r14167] Make sure radio buttons can't be toggled like checkboxes. (Issue: 10834)
  • [r14179] Disable RCtrl + RShift shortcut for changing directionality when no RTL language installed. (Issue: 9718)
  • [r14158] Fixes for selecting RTL text. (Issues: 61258686)
  • [r13773] Fixes a problem where for some Indian locales, the automatic font fallback by Windows UI components leads to too tiny glyphs for UI strings. (Issue: 7319)
  • [r13644] Fix a crash where the ResourceMessageFilter is deleted before a (Issue: 8544)
  • [r14137] Fix hang seen in plugin process. (Issue: 10711)
  • [r13679] Fix a crash when the browser opens a popup window in linux.
  • [r13785] Fix crash in setup.exe. (Issue: 10507)
  • [r14115] Linux UI Crash (Issue: 10776)
The detailed list of all revisions is also availabe