Winzip Pro v15.0.9302 Final


WinZip 是Windows系统中最受欢迎的档案压缩工具也是一个强大而易用的工具.它可以迅速压缩和解压您的档案以节省磁盘空间或是减少电子邮件传输时间,此 外 WinZip支持128位和256位AES加密功能,让使用者在传递具有高度机密性的数据能够不易让其它人轻易解档.并且支持目前最新版操作系统 Windows Vista 的Aero界面.WinZip是世界各国数以千计的政府机关、教育单位、银行电信、公司与组织及无数的普通用户所爱好喜用的压缩工具.

Learn What’s New in WinZip 15.0
- Performance architecture for high-speed zipping, comPRising a plug-in framework for major enhancements in file compression and encryption.
- Refined menu designs and more intuitive icons improve upon the WinZip interface, making it easier to use and delivering an even better user experience.
- WinZip Desktop Gadget Zip/Unzip tab provides instant files compression/decompression. Simply drag a file or group of files onto the gadget to instantly create a compressed version on your desktop (or in the source folder). Likewise, just drag a compressed file onto the gadget to instantly unzip its contents onto your desktop or into the source folder.
- WinZip Desktop Gadget Zip & Email tab provides an express portal to WinZip 15′s unique Zip & Email Plus capabilities. Just drag a file or group of files onto the gadget to instantly zip and email them using the options and email account you designate.
- Zip and Email feature lets you create a Zip file and attach it to an email message in one simple process. Once you choose the files to zip and select your zipping options, WinZip opens a message window and attaches your new zip file to it. Simply type a note, address your message, and click Send.
- Image resizer built into the Zip & Email Plus feature. With just a click, WinZip will resize your high-resolution pictures before attaching them to your email message, so that they send even faster and are optimized to fit standard computer screens.
- Built-in webmail support now included in all WinZip email functionality to provide maximum utility and flexibility. In addition to support for Microsoft Outlook, WinZip 15 comes preset to work with the following popular webmail services: Yahoo! Mail, Gmail by Google, and Microsoft Live Hotmail. Now you can zip, encrypt, and email files from your webmail address, all without having to open a web browser or sign in to your webmail account.
- Additional email support for other webmail services, enterprise mail systems, and individual ISP addresses. Using a different email service? No problem! WinZip 15 provides configuration options that give you the flexibility to email zipped files directly from the WinZip window using virtually any email address, all without opening any additional applications.
- Enhanced backup email support in WinZip Pro’s Backup* function now allows backup files and log files to be sent automatically upon backup job completion from virtually any email or webmail address you indicate.

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