Opera 11 build 1055 新开发版发布,核心/unix版/扩展等修复更新


开发版更新会比较频繁,新版都会修复一些 bug 和安全问题,如果您希望测试开发版,请注意保持更新。

First of all there's a lot of Core fixes, and plenty of *nix fixes are also in. Next there are several Opera extensions fixes and imPRovements. Now you can use external repositories as your extensions auto update source. You can also install extensions from external repositories and add these addresses to white list to make your life easier next time. The extensions installer has a new look plus it shows additional info about installed extension.

For extensions developers, from now on if you drag'n'drop extension's config.xml file onto Opera a separate list is created in Extensions Manager which is titled 'Developer mode'. Each entry on this list has additional buttons: 'Reload' (you don't have to install and uninstall to see the changes now, just click 'Reload') and 'Open containing folder' which we think can be quite useful.

I wish you good coffee while reviewing the new changes!





linux/FreeBSD (32bit Only)