logstsha 发送数据到数据节点


Value type is uri
Default value is [//]
Sets the host(s) of the remote instance. If given an array it will load balance requests across the hosts specified in the hosts 

parameter. Remember the http PRotocol uses the http address (eg. 9200, not 9300). "" ["",""] 

[""] [""] [""] (If using a proxy on a subpath) It is important 

to exclude dedicated master nodes from the hosts list to prevent LS from sending bulk requests to the master nodes. So this 

parameter should only reference either data or client nodes in Elasticsearch.

Any special characters present in the URLs here MUST be URL escaped! This means # should be put in as %23 for instance.

指定 远程实例的hosts,如果给定一个数组 它会负载均衡请求到 指定的主机。

记住 http 协议使用http 地址(如9200 而不是9300)

 "" ["",""] [""] [""] [""] 

(如果 使用一个代理在一个子路径) 它是重要的 排除专用的主机从主机列表 来防止 发送bulk请求到master 节点